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Traditional Wood Gutters for Vintage Houses

Whether you have a classic house in need of repair, or are planning a new house in a traditional style, wood gutters can add beauty and functionality to your home’s exterior.

In addition to the mechanical function of collecting rain water and conveying it to the ground, the molded face of the gutter becomes the crown molding of the building’s cornice. Traditional builders took great care to integrate the gutter into the surrounding cornice in a way that produced architecturally accurate results. However, as the original elements deteriorated and were replaced with mass produced substitutes, much of this original beauty was lost.

Today, we still manufacture the original profiles of wood gutters that were used in the classic homes of the Victorian thru the Colonial Revival eras, a span of almost 100 years. We use genuine, long lasting, premium grade cedar in sizes from 3 x 3” thru 6 x 10”, covering the full range of commercially available wood gutters of the time.

To save on the cost of custom runs, we keep the two most popular Victorian gutter profiles in stock. These are the 4 x 6” and the 3 x 4“ Boston pattern ogee gutters (numbers 2V1 and 2V55). We can ship these gutters from inventory as soon as we receive your order. We also stock the companion rake moldings, belt moldings and fillets, other exterior moldings, and dressed cedar boards in full 7/8” thickness. As a group, these moldings enable the builder to produce classical cornices, just as they were done in the past.

Anything we do not keep in stock we can and will make to order. We have tooling on the shelf for over 100 historical gutter profiles and thousands of other historically accurate wood moldings. We can produce them, usually within a few days of receiving the order.

We are experts in the fabrication of radius gutters for turrets, curved porches, eyebrow windows, and other Victorian era features. Because the radius is rarely the same, these gutters are always made to order based on your original sample or template. Typically radius gutters are completed within a few days of receiving the order.

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